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Dodge's Latest Ad Campaign for the 2014 Dart is Quite Clever

If you've seen the 2014 Dodge Dart on TV lately, chances are it was starring alongside comedians Craig Robinson and Jake Johnson in the newest ad campaign for the model. The premise behind the humorous commercial series is that Jake is trying to touch Craig's new Dart, and he's not afraid to go to some crazy extremes in order to do so.

Take a look at the video below to see how…

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Winner of Chrysler's Design to Drive Contest Earns Himself a Custom Vehicle

For Craig Porritt, father of six from Arizona, a customized Chrysler Town & Country van was a dream come true. Thanks to the help of West Coast Customs, his Design to Drive Contest idea was brought to life. Enhancements ranged from 18 inch custom wheels to a red stitched leather interior. See how Craig and his family react in the video below, when they see their new van for the very first time.

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Jeep Doesn't Forget its Patriotic Beginnings

Car enthusiasts and historians can agree that few car companies have as rich and proud of a heritage as Jeep. During the Second World War, the United States Army needed a vehicle that was reliable, strong and capable of being integral in combat missions. Here at Gillie Hyde Auto group, we understand that you won't be using your new Jeep Wrangler in any combat missions in Germany. But our chests swelled with pride when Jeep recently announced its launch of a website dedicated to supporting American men and women serving in our armed forces.

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SEMA Names Jeep Wrangler "Hottest 4x4 SUV"

Each year at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas, the organization awards the vehicles from specialty equipment manufacturers that they believe to be the best platforms for accessories and performance. Only four vehicles get the honor of being named "The Hottest" in their class, including the "Hottest Car," "Hottest Sport Compact Car," "Hottest Truck," and "Hottest 4x4 SUV." And this year, Gillie Hyde is proud to announce that the 2012 Jeep…

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Ford Engineers an Even Safer Explorer

These days, automakers are implementing a myriad of new technologies to keep drivers comfortable and entertained while driving. But, Ford has taken their MyFord and SYNC technology beyond infotainment to help keep drivers focused on the road. Targeting some of their most vulnerable drivers (teens), Ford will introduce upgrades to their MyKey system that include a speed governance system, and even a low fuel warning, among other things.

The previous version of the MyKey software in the Ford Explorer enabled...

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Chrysler Plans to Streamline New Model Lineup

If you've been a longstanding fan of the Dodge Caravan, you might be disappointed to hear that Chrysler plans to replace the popular minivan with a crossover starting next year. If you're a minivan purest, don't worry, the automaker will continue to make the Chrysler Town & Country indefinitely.

The word is, Chrysler's next full-size minivan will arrive in 2014, and at that time, the company will also release the new crossover…

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Fiat to Move Jeep Production Stateside

Last year at this time, Italy-based Fiat pledged to build a range of small Jeep- and Alfa-branded SUVs at their factory in Turin, Italy. But, due to the changing value of the dollar compared to the Euro, sources says Fiat may be moving the production of these America-bound vehicles to the U.S.

While none of this has been confirmed, Automotive News has reported that, "Last November, Fiat pledged to build a range of small...

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Chrysler Forced to Fight for Slogan, "Imported from Detroit"

Imitation is said to be the highest form of flattery. However, there's a fine line between representing and steeling another's ideal to turn a profit. Recently, Detroit retailer, Pure Detroit, took it upon themselves to print apparel with the new Chrysler slogan, "Imported from Detroit". Chrysler sought to trademark the phrase last November in advance of a multimillion-dollar ad campaign that kicked off during Super Bowl XLV.

It seems that at first, Chrysler…

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Ford Fiesta Outsells Ford Focus

Is it the Ford  Fiesta's European styling? Maybe that 40 MPG rating helping out. Whatever the case may be, the new Ford Fiesta is trampling all over sales of the Ford Focus .

According to a Bloomberg News report: The Ford Fiesta is averaging higher sales figures than not only its larger sibling the Focus, but fetching more than competing cars.

Customers are buying the Fiesta loaded with options, which goes along with a new…

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2012 Dodge Charger SRT8

Remember when the first line-up redesigned Dodge Charger were announced? Fans were skeptical, downright enraged, that the American auto maker would bring back a classic (the likes of which chased Steve MeQueen in Bullitt and ran from Boss Hogg in The Dukes of Hazzard) and turn it into a 4-door sedan. But Charger became the bell of Dodge's ball - even SRT8 supercharged variants sold well.

Many of the Dodge variants are still available in…

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