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There are plenty of reasons to consider driving a used Ford in Glasgow. This may or may not be one of them, but at the very least, it's a classic piece of Ford history that's worth checking out.

While we might not have any vintage Ford Mustang models here at Gillie Hyde Auto Group, we've got plenty of cars that will make you proud to sport that Blue Oval all over Glasgow...

Keep Your RAM Truck Looking Spry

When you're driving your used RAM throughout Glasgow, KY, you know that you look good. Whether you're towing lumber to the construction site or hauling your camping equipment out into the wilderness, it's your pickup truck that powers you through the muck, emulating that rugged style you enjoy.

At Gillie Hyde Auto Group we take pride in being the authority on versatile used cars in the Glasgow area. From our diverse lineup of lightly driven vehicles we offer an array of options including Ford, Lincoln, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and RAM. The reason for the variety is simple: we want to ensure that your needs behind the wheel are not only met, but exceeded.

It wasn't so long ago that Americans began holding their wallets a little closer to their chests while they watched the economy struggle. It also meant that major purchases - a new car, a new home, new appliances - were put on hold. So the fact that three major automakers recently reported a huge jump in sales last month is the bright spot we've all been looking for. Yes, folks, people are definitely buying cars...

Presidential Chrysler 300C Remains Unsold

There's a yellow De Tomaso Pantera out there with a bullet hole through the steering wheel. You know who put that bullet hole there? None other than The King himself, Elvis Presley. As it turns out, it wouldn't start one day, and in his frustration, he shot the steering wheel. We know that cars that come with cool stories like that one are priceless, but this car in particular has been said to...