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Hit the Road, Jack...in the 2015 Ford Explorer

You considered investing in a new ride during the sunny summer months and the road trips out West.  But now with winter roaring its ugly head and the yearly trip to see grandma fast upon you, you need a ride that will not only create a pleasurable experience but one able to withstand the slippery, frozen road ahead.  That's where the 2015 Ford Explorer comes into play in all decorated, Christmas carol glory.


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Ford Offers 2015 Mustang with EcoBoost Engine Option

For months, the anticipation here at Gillie Hyde Auto Group grew.  We waited and waited, and yet with every passing moment, our excitement only amplified.  And, at long last, it's finally arrived.  What are we hinting at here, exactly?  None other than the fully-remodeled 2015 Ford Mustang.  Get a glimpse of this spunky sports car by watching the video below:

For 2015, Ford is offering three, distinct drivetrains on the Mustang.  While we'd…

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Consumers Digest Best Buy Chrysler Group Vehicles are here at Gillie Hyde Auto Group

It doesn't come as much of a surprise to hear that Chrysler Group vehicles earned a Consumers Digest "Best Buy" title this week, but can you guess how many?

The magic number is seven, and we have nearly all of them.

If a capable mid-size sedan is on your radar, Consumers Digest suggests investing in the Chrysler 200. With its sleek styling, new interior, and plethora of features, you really can't go wrong…

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The 2015 Ford Escape is Ready to Take You Further

Life is known to get hectic from time to time. Whether it's your demanding job that is bogging you down, or the constant driving of the kids to school and other activities, it's important to take some time for yourself. This is where finding just the right vehicle comes in. We recommend the 2015 Ford Escape, an SUV that allows you to enjoy a little peace and quiet while on the road.


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Next-Gen Ford C-Max Wows Paris Attendees

It's not difficult to find something amazing at the 2014 Paris Motor Show; every single automaker present has really brought their A-game and our favorite American brand is certainly no exception to the statement! Perhaps our favorite announcement so far - and there are a lot of them - is the newest iteration of the Ford C-Max. With a refined design that we're having a hard time looking away from, it sports higher quality interior…

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When the Going Gets Tough, the Ford F-150 Gets Going

There's a reason that the Ford F-Series has been the best-selling range in America for three-plus decades. Well, there are countless reasons, really. However, the toughness factor certainly stands near the top of that long list. Although the 2015 edition is bringing a different look and a different body to the road in Glasgow, KY, it has already proved itself worthy of joining the Ford Trucks team.

To see exactly how tough this ride…

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Dodge's Latest Ad Campaign for the 2014 Dart is Quite Clever

If you've seen the 2014 Dodge Dart on TV lately, chances are it was starring alongside comedians Craig Robinson and Jake Johnson in the newest ad campaign for the model. The premise behind the humorous commercial series is that Jake is trying to touch Craig's new Dart, and he's not afraid to go to some crazy extremes in order to do so.

Take a look at the video below to see how…

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The Chrysler 300 Has a Quiet Approach to Confidence on the Road

Confidence is keeping things understated and still getting noticed. Confidence is arriving in style without making a fuss. Essentially, confidence is quiet.

You don't have time for hype or hyperbole. You simply want a ride that gets the job done every time. And if that job happens to be showing up in all kinds of style, then you've got to check out the Chrysler 300 in Glasgow, KY.

There's no need to…

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Classic Ford Commercial Features the Peanuts

It's got a choice of two engines, gets 30 miles to the gallon, comes at a low, low price, has a diamond luster paint finish that never requires waxing, and it's left Linus and Pigpen from Peanuts marveling; what is it? Why, it's the 1961 Ford Falcon compact car, of course, and we've found a classic commercial for it that we think you'll simply love.

Bursting with that warm charm…

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