Well, you wouldn't be the first person asking. Trade-in values are surging, and Gillie Hyde Auto Group is offering top dollar for trade-in vehicles. With supply chain issues, the global microchip shortage, and short-handed factories, it has been tough to keep up new inventory with the high-demand of car buyers, which has many turning to used cars, trucks, and SUVs. Your vehicle is likely worth more than you thought, so find out your vehicle's worth today.

The Easy-to-Use Black Book Trade-In Tool

We want to give you top dollar for your current vehicle, but we also want to make it a quick and easy experience from start to finish. Get a quote on your vehicle's worth in a matter of minutes with our handy Gillie Hyde Auto Group Trade-In Tool. Fill out the online form from the comfort of your couch. All we need to know is: 

  • The year, make, model, and mileage of your current vehicle.  
  • Any additional features and options on your vehicle.  
  • Personal information, like address, phone number, and email. 
  • Whether you are in the hunt for a new or used vehicle.  
That's it! In just minutes you'll know how much that vehicle you're driving is worth and can trade it in for an upgrade or take the cash. It's up to you.

Popular Cars and SUVs are in High Demand

Due to the supply chain issues and microchip shortage, we're seeing an uptick in the value of used cars across the board. If you're driving a Chevrolet or Land Rover, you may be sitting on a lot more than you know, as these are some of the largest increases in resale value we've seen. From the Camaro to the Range Rover Sport SUV, your used vehicle may be worth up to 25% more than it was just a few months ago. Get online and find out your vehicle's value today.

Sell Us Your Used Truck in Glasgow, KY

It probably comes as no surprise, but the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Ram 1500, and Ford F-150 pickups are in high demand. These popular pickup trucks are seemingly always top sellers, built to handle the heavy load of the workplace and every terrain off the beaten path. Right now, the Silverado and Ram 1500 may be worth more than 30% than earlier in 2021. If you're in the hunt for an upgrade or different make or model vehicle, now is the time to see how much your used car could be worth.

Value your Trade in Glasgow, KY

As new car dealerships struggle to keep up with the lack of new inventory, used car, truck, and SUV sales are surging. That means trade-in values of all makes and models are on the rise and now is the time to sell your car. We've been in the automotive industry for more than 60 years, and we are committed to making your car-buying experience a pleasurable one. That starts with the confidence that you'll get top dollar for your trade-in to lower those monthly payments. Use our Black Book Tool today and find the value of your trade.