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If you break out in a cold sweat just thinking about car shopping, we invite you to take a look at our inventory.  We specialized in gently used SUVs and have we got some deals for you! What do we mean by "gently used?"  These are SUVs that are used but are still in excellent condition.  Their condition is so good that, with the exception of the numbers on the odometer, you would never know it is used.  We pride ourselves on the phenomenal condition of the vehicles we sell.

Large Inventory of Used SUVs

When you come into our facility, you will be amazed at the extent of our inventory.  We have a selection that will knock your socks off.  There are every make and color scheme of SUV present at Gillie Hyde Auto.  We allow test drives whereby you are bound to fall in love with at least one model.  Come in and see for yourself.  

Benefits of Buying an SUV

An SUV has far more room inside than your typical automobile yet are not as large as a pick-up truck.  SUVs are very versatile.  It is not uncommon to use the same vehicle on wet, slippery roads, or for cruising around town for pleasure, or to go off-roading.  Their versatility makes them a fun vehicle to own and to drive.  And to top it off, they are extremely safe.  

Why Buy It Used?

The better question is why not?  If the vehicle is merely one or two years old, its price is still far better than a brand-new version.  That results in some significant savings for you.  Another good reason is this vehicle is already past its break-in period.  That means you do not need to baby it for a while after you drive it home.  Perhaps a lesser-thought-of reason is that it is less of a target for thieves than an SUV that is brand new.    

Financing for Gillie Hyde Auto of Glasgow, KY Vehicles

We have more than 25 various banks to assist customers with financing.  Although our focus is on used SUVs, if it is a new vehicle you want, we are able to get you financed on one of those too.  At Gillie Hyde Auto, we feature sub-prime financing and can offer some great deals only available through us.  To get a head start, view our website to find a couple of choices you would like to see on your visit to our showroom.  If you buy one on the spot, you could be eligible for a price special on top of great financing.


Browse Our Selection of Used SUVs at Gillie Hyde Auto Group in Glasgow, KY

Our dealership has been in operation for 65 full years by the same family.  When you buy a used SUV from us, you become a member of our extended family and are treated as such.  This includes our maintenance staff as well as sales staff and upper management.  You will not find this kind of atmosphere at any other dealership in the area.  Give us a call today.