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Why Sedans Are a Great Value in Used Cars

If you're in the market for another vehicle, you may be able to save thousands by choosing a used sedan from Gillie Hyde. We're home to an expansive selection of high-quality, reliable, one-owner pre-owned vehicles from the top manufacturers in the world. Let's take a closer look at why purchasing a used sedan from Gillie Hyde Autos is a great choice.


Compare the Ford Ranger and the Jeep Gladiator

Ford and Jeep throw their hats into the mid-size pickup truck arena. Both do what they do best: climb and perform at Gillie Hyde Auto Group in Glasgow Kentucky.

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American Muscle Cars at Gillie Hyde Auto Group

We bet nothing makes your eyes light up more than seeing, hearing and touching American muscle cars from your teenage years. Breathing in the raw horsepower. Hearing the high-energy RPMs roar from the kinds of engines that Detroit used to produce.


The Best Heavy Duty Trucks are at Gillie Hyde Auto Group

Whether you're looking for a three-quarter ton truck or a full one-ton truck, Gillie Hyde Auto Group has the inventory to exceed your expectations. We are home to the best heavy duty (HD) trucks from the leaders in truck manufacturing.

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Why We Still Love Hatchback Cars at Gillie Hyde

There are many benefits to choosing a hatchback. There is simply no denying the practicality of a hatchback. Whether you want to pack up the bike to hit a mountain trail or simply have to make a grocery store run, the hatchback provides enough room for friends and family, as well as plenty left over for additional cargo. Read more about why we still love the simplistic beauty of the hatchback.

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The Best SUVs Under $20,000 at Gillie Hyde

We have plenty of options for customers looking for an SUV within a budget. Learn more about our pre-owned SUVs under $20K and why you should purchase your next SUV from Gillie Hyde.   

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Can I Trust a Vehicle with Higher Mileage?

If you are in the market for a used car, you may be wondering what good mileage for a used car is. While buying a used car with low mileage seems like the best route, nowadays, advanced technology is allowing cars and trucks to stay on the road much longer than ever before. You may want to consider an older car with higher mileage. See if buying a car with higher mileage is right for you with this helpful guide.
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Spotlight on Dodge SUVs

From sporty to muscular to roomy, Dodge has two capable SUVs. The Dodge Durango and Dodge Journey hold their own in their class and standout from the crowd thanks to their incredible interior features. From adventurers to carpools, these Dodge SUVs are incredibly versatile. See what the new Dodge Durango and Dodge Journey have to offer.
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Buying a New or Used Truck in Glasgow, KY

Ready for the best truck buying experience you've ever had? Well we're waiting to give it to you. Come to our dealership to find the new Ram, Ford, or used pickup truck for your work or play needs. 
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Spotlight on Ford SUVS

Both practical and fun-to-drive, you will love a Ford SUV. Explore the Ford SUV line up to find the vehicle for you.  

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Spotlight on Jeep SUVs

 Are you looking for the perfect Jeep for your next solo adventure? Learn more about the Jeep SUV line up at Gillie Hyde Auto.
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